I just got back from a lovely afternoon at my in-law’s house, which was also week three of the quilt project. Again, great progress was made – although sincere apologies must be said for our taking up the entire living room floor with quilting squares. Today we laid out all the squares into our desired pattern (nothing strict, just aesthetically pleasing to us) and then we began to pin the squares into rows until we ran out of pins. Note – if you’re going to embark on a quilting venture, you should be prepared with thousands of pins, not 100.

To free up more pins, I began sewing the squares we’d already pinned. This was quite a venture seeing as how I haven’t used a sewing machine for approximately 11 years. At which time, that sewing machine was about 20 years old. Getting back into the swing of things was a little tough, and it took Kelly and I a small measure of time to set up the machine, get the bobbin working right, figure out why the foot kept falling off (secret lever!) and get it to be functional for us. I can happily tell you that by the end of this process I will be a pro at sewing straight lines!

Next week in the world of quilting – we will continue to pin and sew the rows.