Martha Stewart’s Enclyopedia of Crafts (hereby noted as the EoC), page 271. Right-hand side of the spread, craft #2.

Project: Bottle-Cap Frames.

It was a great start to crafting from the EoC. I had been saving bottle caps for a while to try this craft, and finally tried it out with satisfactory results. Not every craft project goes exactly as planned, so here are a few tips if you’re going to try making bottle cap magnets for your fridge:

1. 1/4 cup epoxy fills about 20 caps. Slightly less if you fill the caps to just about over-flowing (which gives a nice bubble look to the top)
2. It’s REALLY messy to pour the epoxy. Be really careful, and set the caps on a surface you don’t mind ruining. I used foil, which allowed the epoxy to peel off easily (but sometimes you just can’t get it off).
3. If you’re using plain paper—not photo paper or a plasticy paper like Yupo—coat both sides with acrylic medium to seal the paper. Otherwise the epoxy makes the paper wet, just like water would. Acrylic medium keeps the paper looking bright.
4. A bottle cap sized piece of paper is about the size of a quarter. I traced one and cut out all the circles instead of using a punch (that I didn’t have).
5. Enjoy the pics!

Directions similar to this project can be found @ TheCraftsDept, Martha Stewart’s Craft blog. Just substitute magnets for tacks.