Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts, page 23.

Project: Magnetic Pin Dish

If you’ve been following along with my sister-in-law’s and my quilting quest this summer, than you’ll know that we’ve been pinning our hearts out in putting together a patchwork top. Two issues arose from this. The first is that you can never, ever, EVER have enough pins when you are quilting. The second is that you will invariably need someplace to store all those pins. My mother-in-law had a great magnetic dish that she bought and let us borrow for stashing pins between use, and that brought me back to the EOSFC once again. While I was perusing the opening pages, I had seen how to make your own magnetic dish and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to experiment with this project.

The project took all of about 5 minutes, and solved another problem of mine—what to do with a vintage tea saucer I had from my great aunt. While I love the handpainted dish, it just sits around in the drawer where I can’t admire it. I also don’t drink tea from china cups that often.

1. You need super glue. I like Gorilla Super Glue. It’s “impact tough” and completely dries in 30 seconds—less time for it to get all over my fingers!
2. In the EOSFC, they used a small dish with one slim magnet. I couldn’t find any extremely slim, large magnets in my local craft store, so I used three equally spaced magnets. It also allowed for more magnetic surface on my larger dish.
3. Enjoy the pics!

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