I’m back to blogging! And according to my records, I think this should be week 7 of the great quilting quest. However, with two Sundays gone on vacation, and my sister-in-law Kelly off to traveling for the next month, we have no progress to report on the quilt. Sorry about that.

I still wanted to share a little bit about quilting, so I pulled a few of my favorite patchwork projects for the general inspiration of all. Enjoy the pics! (Each pic links to its maker’s website)

Patchwork Pincushions by Molly of Purl Soho. A great way to make quick work of small scraps and to practice your patchwork without commiting to a whole quilt.

Celebration Pennant by Stitching in Striped Socks of Etsy. Not really traditional patchwork, but a fun project nonetheless.

Wee Three Birds Quilty by The Bobbin's Nest of Etsy. I love the applique on this quilt! Really fun and creative for a kid's room.

"Roots" quilt in Ginger by Denyse Schmidt Quilts. Denyse makes some beautiful art quilts. I love the shades in this one.

And last but not least . . .

Wedding Wheel quilt by Jen of Purl Soho. Jen used leftover table linen fabrics from her wedding to fashion this quilt. What a wonderful memento of her special day!