Last week, Anthropologie sent me a very depressing e-mail. Depressing in the sense that to buy a single, complete outfit it could cost as much or more than $575. Maybe that’s not a lot for some, but when it’s more than a month’s rent for others—that’s a chunk of change. I was sure I could possibly get a very similar outfit for less by choosing pieces from other stores. I could!

Check out these finds—although I think the Anthropologie’s jacket is actually worth the moola.

The Erelong Paisley Outfit by Anthropologie—gorgeous!

Clockwise from top left: MyLolaFashion Summer Cardigan $59 ; MissLadySmith Tumbling Leaves Necklace $39 ; Gap Curvy Jean $69.50 ; Target Mary Jane Pumps $19.99; Express Ruffled Lace Tank $39.90

Second choice picks:

Mossimo Jean $24.99  ; Ann Taylor Loft tank $19.99; Steve Madden UMAA $39.95; SmileSophie Leaf Necklace $17.50