I’ll be introducing a new product at Craft Parade. Along with a large selection of journals and collage cards, I will be selling sets of hand printed book plates. In middle school, I received a set of book plates from my Grandmother and fell in love with them. I loved declaring the book as “from the library of Christin!” And I enjoy finding book plates from family members in books that have been passed down. I have some books from my great, great aunt that still have her scrawled signature on her book plates. I know she treasured those books, and now I can remember her, and treasure them as well.

For those of you unfamiliar with the idea of a book plate, they are usually a decorative label or stamp that you put in the fly leaf, front page or inside front cover of your books and mark your name. The plates shown here declare “Ex Libris” which is a Latin phrase that means “from the books,” and it is often used to mark ownership of books, like “from the library of.”

I will be offering about 4 different book plate labels in sets. I illustrated each stamp then carved each design into a stamp block and printed. The hand printing process means that each print is unique. Hope you enjoy!

For those of you who cannot make the event, my book plates will be available on my Etsy page in late September.