I have been fortunate enough to create a line of journals for TheTravelingJournal.com—a fabulous online company that allows you and your friends the opportunity to keep in touch in a really unique and wonderful way. A while back I wrote a post on the concept journals that I first presented to TTJ. Since I had these beautiful tomes just sitting around, I decided to take the advice of the Traveling Journal’s founders and start a traveling journal for my sister and I. I wrote a note inside and pasted in some silly (and not so silly) pics of the Sis and I. I also did a little custom graphic on the front using cameo-like silhouettes of both of us. Then I sent it off in the mail—super easy and fun! I can’t wait until she mails it back filled with her totally artistic and creative scribblings.

I’d encourage all of you to head over to TheTravelingJournal.com and purchase a journal and all the unique accessories and goodies they have to coordinate! Start creating and sharing some memories with those you love.

(sorry that last pic’s a little blurry!)