There are days where I love my graphic-designer-by-day-job. And then there are days were I really, really, really love it. This week has been filled with the later kind of days. This week I got to work on fleshing out my design for a university book store display window. It’s really fun to see how the design develops from the concept stage to the final product. I spent time scavenging for rubber bands to make about 30 rubber band balls (thanks to Emily for helping me wrap all those rubber bands!), running all over town to find rubber bands in coordinating colors to the design (Office Depot is the spot to find beautifully colored rubber bands) and about 250 classic yellow pencils, covering about a MILLION books in patterned paper, styling newly purchased mannequins in newly printed t-shirts, and pulling products from the store to display in the window. I also took time to name the mannequins “Martha” and “Stewart.” It just seemed fitting. And after the Production team made a giant tree out of industrial foam, and printed, wrapped, and hung all the graphics in the window (thanks guys!) I went to work styling the props in the two foot wide (and very stuffy and hot) window space. I just love making things grouped and pretty and stylish and wonderful.

Below are some pics of the window—sorry for the blurriness, I forgot to check my focus—I was just so excited! (Click pics for larger images)

Panoramic shot of full window

Martha and bouqets of freshly sharpened pencils

Stewart's side of things

The beautiful tree by the Production Team