The quilt had been on multiple bouts of “on hold” statuses since mid-July, but I’m back in business! I’m pretty sure it’s week 8 but if you want to get technical, it’s probably like week 28 or something! Sunday evening I whipped out the sewing machine, picked up where I left off, and finished stitching the patchwork squares into strips. Only a few minor mishaps with the machine, but I finally was able to finish up the last 10 or so strips and start stitching those strips together.

After a lot of seam ironing on Monday, I was able to almost finish pinning then piecing together the patchwork top. Not all my patchwork corners match up perfectly, but in my opinion it’s a good first attempt.

A few tips on creating patchwork:

  • After laying out the pattern of squares, apply a small piece of masking tape with a number written on it to the beginning of each row. You can make stacks of the squares with the number on top so you remember which row is which. This was my sister-in-law’s idea, and it was genius!
  • When pressing the seams in one direction, keep in mind how the seams will go through the machine when sewing the rows together. Use the tape numbers as a guide—either press away or toward the tape for each row (depending on which way the row goes through the machine).
  • Make sure the bobbin is full. It’s killer to find out you only thought “stitched” an entire row but the bobbin thread ran out two squares in.
  • The more rows that are joined together, the more weight is going to be pulling while you stitch. Working at a larger table so you can keep the patchwork up and level with the machine is helpful.

Happy quilting!