Starting off . . . the head of the monster.


I got my project back a while ago, but only have just gotten the opportunity to photograph the book. My sister has been begging me to post it, so here it is!

The Story: I immediately saw a sea dragon as soon as I folded my book and set it up on the work table. Most of the pages were the ups and downs of the dragon coming in and out of the water, but what to do with the spreads that turn the dragon’s direction? THINGS HE’S EATEN. It was like a light bulb lit up over my head, and I started drawing.


Book shown from above. I aimed for a very sculptural form with panels that decreased in size.



"The Lost Ship." The first book spread.


To see more pics of the book, including the rest of what this monster ate, continue reading after the jump! 


"Balaena Mysticetus." Second spread—a sad little swallowed-up whale


The Construction: This book has been constructed out of a single sheet of paper. I chose Royal Fiber Balsa text weight, if you’re interested in that kind of thing, because I liked the flecks in the paper. It looked kind of old-fashioned. I designed the folds myself before I had any idea of what would be on those blank pages. I was aiming for a sculptural quality with decreasing panels to create interest.


"Mermaid's Tale." Third spread—you can see the mermaid's tail on the left (it would be more obvious in color).



"The Sunk Sailor." Fourth spread—a little mustache love.



" Help!" Fifth spread—a message that will never get to it's intended recipient.



The End of the Tail



All folded up. The fold book is kept shut with a book band



All folded up - the back. Notice the little fish jumping out of the waves.


I am currently working on Project 3, have learned 3 new binding techniques, and practiced 4 binding techniques total. I have to admit, I totally geek out about this class and am probably putting way more work into it than is necessary—BUT I LOVE IT! I love doing something that just making a blank journal doesn’t allow—filling the pages with my own creative thoughts and ideas.

What are you guys and gals totally into lately?