This weekend was the annual Fallapalooza at my sister- & brother-in-law’s house. It was a great time of eating, hanging out with friends, carving pumpkins and chowing down on s’mores. It even cooled off a little to feel like fall! I can’t believe that we’re still getting into the 80’s in October in our part of the country.

Stephen brainstormed an idea for some hoodies for us to wear to the party. Earlier this week we traveled to the hobby store, picked up some felt and buttons. Then on Saturday afternoon I got to work making Sock Monkey Hoodies. It’s super simple—and it would be fun for Halloween parties as well.

Keep reading after the jump for more photos and instructions on how to craft your own hoodies!

For one sock monkey hoodie, you'll need one piece of cream felt, one piece of red felt, and two large black buttons. Cut a flat oval from the cream and a leaf shape from the red.

Layout the Pieces on the side of the hood. the mouth should be about 1 and a half inches from both sides of the hood. You may want to tweak the sizes of your pieces based on the size of hoodie you're using.

Use embroiderly floss for all stitching. BEFORE ATTACHING TO SHIRT: Use a running stitch to create the mouth line in black. Use red to create two nostrils (several straight stitches). Also tack down sides of lips with small red stitches. THEN attach the whole mouth area to the sweatshirt using cream floss—you may want to pin the mouth down before sewing. Stitch on button eyes using black floss.

And VOILA! You have a sock monkey hoodie. For facing monkeys, create 2nd hoodie with face on the opposite side of the hood.