A few weeks ago I posted some illustrations from book arts project 2. I’ll be sharing some pics from the book this week and next.

For more pics and a not-so-short summary of how I began to create this book, keep reading after the jump!

The goal of the project was to have 5-ish random words or sets of words and combine them cohesively within a theme, while using either the barber pole binding or the pamphlet stitch binding. To choose my random words I looked up words of the day for myself, my hubby, and my immediate family’s birthdays. There are 5 total people there so that worked well. I began to see trends in the words I liked. The groups of words either had to do with creation/arts/beauty or with negativity/deception. Those two groupings—beauty and deception—called to mind the two different types of women pictured in the Biblical book of Proverbs. At times woman is wisdom personified, crying in the streets for others to join her in living righteously or she is the “Proverbs 31 woman” who is seeking the best for her husband, family and other around her. She is beautiful. At other times, woman is portrayed as a temptress, seeking to bring others down with her—she is the wife who does her husband harm, is rot to his bones. She is deceptive, hurtful, and hurting herself. This contrast between the beautiful woman and deceptive woman became the overarching concept for my book.

I came up with the following “random” 5 sets of words:

  • Gelid Longueur :: Icy, Cold + Tedious work of literature or performance art
  • Lugubrious Copse :: sad/dismal + thicket of trees
  • Omnific Doppelganger :: Unlimited powers of creation + apparition
  • Lionize Subterfuge :: to treat as special + a strategy used to conceal
  • Propound Simulacrum :: to put forward for consideration/display + a superficial likeness

I chose to work with the barber pole since it was a binding I had just learned. You can see from the above image that the binding threads wrap around each other to form what looks similar to a barber pole. This was the train of thought I followed to get to the imagery for the book so hold on. . . barber pole >> hair styles >> cameos >> french >> french doors (the book style where a divided cover opens up like french doors to reveal a two-sided book).

My french door soft cover featured an overlapping design. It was a natural linen cardstock paper, in a medium weight. I like the way a linen texture takes ink, at making a piece look distressed because the ink doesn’t always sit as heavy on the raised areas of the paper.

I added my colophon on the back of the cover.

Next week I’m planning to post about the inside content of the book and how the concept played out in the pages. Stay tuned!