You’ve Got Mail is no doubt one of my top favorite movies of all time. There’s something just so sweet about getting notes from a secret admirer. And there’s something so sweet about MAIL. No offense to Meg and Tom, but getting real mail—and sending real, honest to goodness mail by post—is just awesome. Way more awesome that getting e-mail or a text, in my opinion. Seriously. There’s almost nothing better than slipping that envelope filled with love and goodness into the mail box and knowing that it’s going to deliver a whole lot of joy on the other end. And don’t get me started on packages! Who doesn’t love a surprise package on their doorstep?

The thing about mail is that it takes time, thought and effort to put together that note, that card, that package and get it to the post office. And there’s an element of surprise and suspense in receiving that simple something in your mail box.

So, in honor of spring and love and the ones you love, slip a little something in the mail to someone special today. And support your local post office!

Custom Return Address Stamp by Primele

Lace 6pk Letterpress Cards by OrangeBeautiful

Love Letter Locket by Stefeny Stanyer