Does anyone have any big travel plans this year? It seems like several people I know are catching the pre-summer travel bug and already making plans for their upcoming adventures. Whether you are planning a few weeks abroad or a weekend getaway, you may want to consider packing a journal with you.

One purpose of writing a journal is to relive the new, exciting and unusual events that happen to us. What better moments to relive that times where you took a road trip, a cruise, a honeymoon or a weekend in search of the perfect Ikea chair? You can write them all down in your regular journal, or buy a special journal for each trip. Wikipedia calls it “a record made by a voyager”—that’s you! So fill your journal with sketches, clip in photos, write in notes, throw in brochures—anything that you want to remember most when you get back from your trip. You can even pair posts with photos you take and leave space to include those images later.

I just started a small travel journal and have decided to dedicate a few pages per trip to sketches of my memories. Already it’s a great way to remember the small weekend trips my husband and I have taken, and I can’t wait to include our family vacation this summer.

Need some ideas for your own travel journals? Check out Flickr for a ton of great ideas.

Travel Journal pages by Marie’s Shots