I’ve been watching a lot of I Love Lucy lately ever since my husband got me the 9 season, 2 bonus disc, collector’s edition box set for our anniversary. Happy two years, Honey!

I have loved that show ever since I was a kid—recording three hours off Nick At Nite each week in the summer, finding Lucy mugs and postcards, and even having a Lucy themed party for my 11th birthday. My mom made it special by creating a retro theme and bought everything she could find that was Lucy. She even had cupcakes made with the little dolls you can put in the top to make the cake look like the skirt. The cake maker dyed their hair red at my mom’s request, just like Lucy’s! It was pretty special—thanks Mom!!

I realized last night as I watched “The Audition” (which I discovered is the same exact plot—AND script!—as the unreleased pilot, discovered in 1990 or something like that) that this is the 60th anniversary of the first season of the show! I just love the simplistic, slap-stick, hilarity that is I Love Lucy, and I think that is why so many people like me have fallen in love with the show over the years. So happy anniversary, Lucy! I’m enjoying watching the show even a lifetime later!

I Love Lucy Watercolor Painting by Soo210 on Etsy.com