I started this post back in 2011. Um. . . Crazy. Originally it was about three books I had bought in September of that year. I’ve bought WAY more than three books since I wrote this post. S also gave me a kindle since then, which has revolutionized reading for me. These books are still worth sharing, and you should still add them to your shelf —so here goes!

The Hidden People is a sketchbook by illustrator  Cory Godbey. Whimsical and fantastic creatures bring a smile at every turn of the page. My husband and I were super happy to be able to snag a signed copy from Cory at the Indie Craft Parade in 2011, and you can get still get your very own copy on Etsy! Since getting The Hidden People, we have also added Cory’s newest sketchbook, Menagerie, to our library as well. Again, it’s awesome, and you need a copy.


I picked up Make & Do from Mollie Greene back in yesteryear as well—via Etsy, where else? Sweet paper crafts fill the pages – which is probably why she has a new book coming out in June actually called Sweet Paper Crafts! It’s available for pre-order on Amazon. I made a mobile of dog cut outs from an idea in the book. It may not be practical, but a mobile of patterned paper puppies is super cute to have hanging around.

And of course, one and a half years later, I can’t remember what the third book was. It’s photo wasn’t saved in the draft. We will have to wonder together what the third book that I pondered writing about was. If you figure it out, let me know! In lieu of not having a third book to share, here’s a review of what I have been reading this year:

  • Life Together, Dietrich Bonhoeffer – Amazing, convicting, though provoking. Been going through with a good friend over coffee in the morning. 
  • Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God, Noel Piper – Five stories about five awesome women. Lilias Trotter was probably my favorite in the book, but all the women were inspiring.
  • Feminine Appeal, Carolyn Mahaney – Not very far through yet. I think I’m in the first chapter
  • The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald – Wanted to refresh my memory since the movie is coming out. The story made me sad for all the characters in it.
  • Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen (did I even need to type it?!) – the 200th anniversary of the publication was this spring. To quote Kathleen Kelly, “Ah! Read it. I know you’ll love it!”
  • Under Wildwood, Colin Meloy – Very cool illustrations. Great sequel to the first book, Wildwood. SPOILER ALERT: It’s a cliff hanger.
  • Prince Caspian, C.S. Lewis – Classic. Adventurous. Reading for the millionth time.
  • The Meaning of Marriage, Tim Keller – I would recommend this book to anyone—regardless of your marriage status. It’s about relationships pointing to Christ. Very insightful.

AND finally – I just can’t wait for the fourth book in the Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson to come out! Dear Andrew, please hurry writing. I know your computer crashed and everything was lost. But I have to know what happens next!