Italy - Dorata

On the subject of well-intentioned posts from YEARS ago. In July of 2010 – yes, three years ago – I intended to post about a few places we visited on a trip out to Illinois. I figured I should clear the post out of the drafts and release it to the world. Only two places had been written about. One was a gift shop that is now closed. Sorry Anecdotes. I’m sure my blog post would not have saved you.

The other place is Baja Burrito in Nashville, TN. We swung through Nashville to see a concert on our drive home from the Great Plains. It’s still worth telling you to go there. Eat a burrito for me. Enjoy it. Savor the flavor. Then go see a concert. It makes for a memorable day if you ask me!

You may ask, “Why the photo of the luxurious Italian villa?” This photo isn’t of a place that I’ll go. Probably ever. It’s just on my Pinterest board of “possible” (translation, “impossible”) vacation spots, which I thought tied in with the travel theme. For a cool $3.5K a night, you could stay there. However, you may want to stick with Nashville burritos instead 🙂

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