Locks of Love hair cut

The Cut and The Caps

2013 Goal #6: Donate hair to Locks of Love
Completed in August

Hair is a tricky thing. It just doesn’t grow as fast as you want it to when you’re hoping for it to grow. I was hoping to make a Locks of Love donation in late 2012, but to get the length I was aiming for took longer than expected. August 2013 rolled around, and it was finally time to make the cut! I was really excited to send my hair off and hope that someone is enjoying a wig made with part of that pony tail (or soon will be!).

2013 Goal #9: Donate caps or scarves to a good home.
Completed in Fall 2013

 The past few years I’ve donated scarves that I’ve knitted or crocheted to the local women’s shelter. Because of several friends’ difficult and diverse experiences, I was hoping to donate 2013’s needlework to a hospital through a local organization. It proved difficult to track down a group locally, but through my research I discovered Knots of Love. They provide caps for patients with traumatic hair loss across the country, including a hospital in my area. I was really excited to donate caps to them in the fall, and I hope to be able to donate again this year (hopefully some NICU blankets). My caps went to eight states!!, and I hope they have found good homes, keeping people warm and comfy and loved.