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Many thanks to Stephen for his inaugural blog post! He’s bringing us a great post on a Charleston treasure!

On a recent trip to Charleston, my wife and I discovered what is sure to be a regular spot to visit each time we return. I can’t really translate with mere words the awesomeness of the Robot Candy Company. When I first walked in, I was amazed at the skillful graphic cut vinyl work on the walls.


Large vinyl graphics over the candy bins


After taking a trip around the store I noticed a display of t-shirts. To give a little back story, I spend 8 hours a day printing t-shirts. Before it was my job I loved graphic t-shirts, and I wore them all the time. I was a designer and thought that the t-shirt biz was where it was at. Then I started making them . . . and my love became nothing more than a job. I started to wear nothing but blank v-neck tees. It was a bit depressing. Over the last year and a half the flame of my love of t-shirts has flickered some but wasn’t rekindled until my trip to the Robot Candy Company. I was instantly impressed by these shirts that I saw—they come from the Out of Print Clothing Store based in Brooklyn, N.Y. All of their shirts are prints of the old retro covers of classic books. I bought a shirt with a retro cover of one of my favorite classics, Fahrenheit 451.


Another shirt by Out of Print



Out of Print tags look like old library cards.


Beyond great shirts and gorgeous wall graphics, the Robot Candy Company also had great candy. But that’s for another post.


Knit Monkey from at RCC



This week Stephen will be joining me on the blog to guest post about some gems from Charleston, SC. You won’t want to miss his inagural post on the blog, so check back! Stephen will be guest posting every other month or so, bringing fresh perspective and a new voice to WT. Welcome, Stephen! Good to have you on the blog.

photo by j.aaron greene

Thanks to the amazing and wonderful Jeanne for providing us with a lovely guest post on Indie Craft Parade – make sure you stop by her blog, Drive-Thru Monologue.

The Indie Craft Parade was an ice cream sundae—all sorts of your favorite delicious treats poured or sprinkled or squirted on MORE of your favorite delicious treats. It really was the nicest evening of friends, family, food and love all in the name of handmade expression, colors, textures and mediums.

Before I delve into my experience, let me give you some background. I’m not an art show junkie, crafter, musician or designer. I’m fairly mainstream (as much as I’d like to think I’m not). I rarely create with anything other than words or pasta and tomato sauce. At times I have tried to discuss art, but my ears almost melted off my head in embarrassment for how dumb I sounded. Basically, I’m a consumer. All that to say, the event was NOT exclusive. It really was for everyone—connoisseurs and consumers alike. I believe the ICP accomplished its mission of presenting crafts to and interacting with the local community (community being a general term to emphasize the universal appeal of the ICP to all types of people, young and old).

Now onto the good stuff (picture my arms flailing and my mouth and eyes getting really excitable—this is how I’d look if I was verbally relating my story).

(Read more of the 411 and view pictures of ICP goodness after the jump!)

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