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Another post on my 2013 resolutions . . .

2013 Goal #2: Read 12 books again this year
Completed in July

I said again because this was also a personal goal I made in 2012. The intent in 2012 was to get back to something I loved—reading! I realized that although I loved reading, I just hadn’t been doing it at all for the past few years. I made a list and read just about everything on it and then some! It was so enjoyable that I made it a goal again for 2013 AND 2014.

I posted about the highlights from my 12 books, 12 months goal back in August. You can check it out here.

2013 Goal #7: Read Meaning of Marriage with Stephen
Completed in summer 2013

When our church started going through the The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller for a book study, S and I decided to read through it together at home as well. I discovered that digging into the study personally really helped me to gain more from the speakers at church. Reading the book also brought up a lot of good discussion at home. Win, win. Reading is awesome. So is this book!

So, I made a resolution journal for 2013, and I told you I made twelve goals. I probably left you wondering, how many goals did she accomplish? What were the goals? Maybe I didn’t leave you wondering at all, but I’m still going to share some of the goals over the next couple of posts. Hope you’re okay with that!

I officially accomplished six of my twelve goals. I also made strides toward accomplishing a few others—such as researching new art techniques, how to refinishing furniture, where I can truly recycle a computer, etc. Some goals I had to move to 2013. Today I’ll share about the first goal I accomplished in 2013.

2013 Goal #5 : Run four 5K’s this year.
Completed in June

S and I started running in 2012 as part of an effort to live healthier lives. I knew that if I wanted to keep running, I had to start out with a plan and a goal. The plan was the Couch to 5K running plan. The goal was the Spinx Run Fest 5K in October of 2012. I also knew to keep running in 2013 that I would need goals for 2013. Hence goal number five listed above.

I ended up running three 5Ks, one 8K, and a 10K. It takes a lot of discipline to start running. When I started in 2012 I could barely run 60 seconds together. Now, even when I don’t feel like accomplishing much on a run, I remind myself of my first few weeks of training. A 5K seemed impossible, let alone a 10K! It still is difficult to find time to fit running into the schedule, but I know it’s good for me and allows me to experience race day. I’m a big fan of race days! My favorite race day of the year was the Spinx Run Fest 10K in October. It was the anniversary of my first race, and a whole group from our church ran it. The music, the hype, the running with friends, meeting everyone at the finish—it all added up to one great experience! The finisher’s medal was just icing on the cake.

Race Medal Running Group from Church

The Greenville Mini Book Collective project is back in Greenville for a time. You can see the books—including mine!—at the Metropolitan Arts Council (MAC). MAC is open 9am – 5pm, and you can find their address, etc, on their website,

Sometimes I just get so excited when a good idea hits me while I’m designing. I have to do something to express my joy that the idea “came to me”—such as wave my hands or jump up and down or punch the air like I’m beating down all the bad ideas. This is how I know I should be a designer.

Today it was creating an awesome lighting effect in photoshop. LOVE IT.

Detail of Requiem poster by me! via carbonmade portfolio

We’re wishing a happy one hundred and eleventh birthday to grand old Alfred! It’s amazing that his career spanned slient movies to color classics, made in both Britain and the U.S. My favorite film of his is Rear Window—so suspensful!—but here are a few hand picked items that celebrate his possibly best known film, The Birds.

My mom and her friends went to see this classic film when it was first out in theaters. Afterward, as she tells the story, they all went to a diner to eat. The door swung shut behind them and squeaked as it closed, and they all screamed after being on edge for the entire movie! Classic!

Links to shops: Reagan’sBrain, TenderBeasts, ClaudiaVarosio, DVD Collection,

After having the drapery rod sitting next to the window since last Saturday, I FINALLY had time to put it up. Last night, I got out my husband’s power drill and pried the drapery rod & hardware out of the box – they were pretty secure in there! After watching a YouTube video to make sure I didn’t forget anything (level, check!), I started marking the wall for my screws and fastening the hardware to the wall. It was a pretty complicated process for someone who doesn’t whip out the drill to hang things every day, but I finally got it up. Check out the results!

We live in an apartment. It’s awesome, and I love it. However, as in all apartments, there are some drawbacks. One such drawback for us is the lack of shelf & storage space in the bathroom. We have one towel bar and about 12 square inches of counter space. When I started to think about what I wanted for increasing our bathroom effectiveness, I realized two things: I needed a vision, I had a budget.

So here are my finds for my bathroom – some finds are a bit pricier, but most are pretty budget friendly.

1. Pottery Barn
2. Bathroom redesign by Meg via Design*Sponge

3. Modern Etageré by Target Room Essentials  4. Ashdown Wastebasket by HomeTrends  5. Photo hooks by Pottery Barn (Pricy! but I love the look)  6. Thomas O’Bryan towels from Target (wedding gift from friends – thanks!)  7. Time Square Surveillance print by Michael Slattery 8. Parma Towell Ring in brushed nickel by Target

Leave me a comment and tell me what rug you would choose to coordinate with this look! All choices are from Target, and I have a light green tile floor.

I remember watching the musical Annie with my sister for hours on end when we were little. This lantern from Fishs Eddy brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “shine like the top of the Chrysler building.” Just the bit of twinkle that my living room needs!

It’s a little late, but I figured in addition to giving thanks for a wonderful husband, good family & friends, and an abundance of blessings this year around the table at home, I’d share a few of the random things I’ve been thankful for the past week:

  1. Freshly sharpened no. 2 Ticonderoga pencils
  2. Will Ferrell in Elf
  3. Grilled cheese & tomato soup on rainy days
  4. Sending mail – something about sticking the stamp in the corner and popping the red flag on the mailbox is magical.
  5. M&M chocolate chip cookies.
  6. grocery shopping

AAF Greenville TWIST art show poster – pass it around!