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It’s been a SUPER long time since I’ve posted anything to this blog! Guilt immediately washes over me every time I see my bookmark pointing to here. “Soon,” I think to myself, “Soon I will post again.” Well, “Again” is finally here. It was one crazy start of the year, and I feel like I don’t even know where the last 4 months of my life went. Here’s a peek into some of what’s been going on in my art world.

Custom Monogram Journals for Senior Gifts

Handmade Monogram Journals

Handmade Monogram Journals

Custom Monogram “Memory” Journal

Handmade Memory Journal

Handmade Memory Journal

New items in Etsy Shop including Book Favors and Sketchbook Sets

I also have a few new ways in which you can keep up with all the news from me and my shop. One, you can follow me on Twitter at Two, you can sign up for my e-newsletter—which I promise is non-spammy and filled only with the most important details (sales, events and updates) sent once a quarter or so. All you have to do is sign up here.

Finally, there’s still time to take advantage of my Etsy shop’s spring sale! Just enter the code SPRING20 to receive 20% off your purchase at check out. Sale will end on May 31.

AH! Feels good to have posted again, and I promise never to stay away so long again!


I’m so excited to announce a new set of felt brooches that feature handmade pottery buttons. This new set of brooches features beautiful pottery buttons made by Katie Coston of Illyria Pottery incorporated in the design. While I have been making the pins and adding unique buttons of all kinds for sometime now, I think the pottery buttons give an additional flair and class to the felt look. Five new brooches are already up in the Etsy shop, and more will be coming soon!

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For more information about Katie and Illyria Pottery, visit her website www.IllryiaPottery or her Etsy shop,

Hi faithful readers! You can now sign up for the Wishful Thinking newsletter! What are you signing up for? About once a quarter you’ll receive an awesome email with exclusive offers and special news about what’s going on at my studio and shop. Coupon codes? Definitely. The scoop on new products? Yep! All you have to do is sign up here.

Thanks for bearing with me as I have been away from the blog for a long while now. I didn’t intend this “vacation,” but as things pick up at the day job (my busy season is busier than EVER), side projects and fun stuff continues to get pushed to the side behind important things like cleaning, cooking and REST. I’ve been continuing to post things regularly to the Etsy Shop, so check out what’s new over there!

Rebound, Handmade Journal Set at


In 2011 I’m adding collage cards to my Etsy shop. The same flat-panel collage cards you’ve been able to find at my shows will now be available online! I’m very happy to be offering the first of these cards, available as single cards or in sets, in the shop now.

"Get Well Soon" with hand-drawn elements and collage

"Retro Hello" one of a set of two 1950s inspired collages

"Great Expectations" wedding card with hand-drawn elements and calligraphy

I’m very proud of my sis who is an amazing designer, illustrator, writer and musician. Seriously. She does all of that! It’s incredible. Now she has added a new talent to that list, blogging. Cathryn has started her very own blog, Corner Dreams, where she shares her fabulously crafted stories, illustrations, and will be adding more in the future! Once you start reading, I’m sure you’ll be hooked. My advice, start from the beginning!

My adorable little sis

Stellar illustration from Corner Dreams

There’s been some “You’ve Got Mail” talk around here this morning. If you haven’t seen this classic film, you’ve absolutely got to watch it.

So here’s my project that needs “tweaking.” I’m working on some Christmas ornaments for upcoming holiday art/craft events. They are felt & fabric ornaments with embroidered embellishments. What do ya think?

Until next time, “Happy Thanksgiving, Back!”

Just received some new book cloth today from Hollanders! Yay! Can’t wait to make some new sketchbooks and journals!


I have not forgotten you, dear blog and readers! Since posting the giveaway things have been crazy! A weekend trip to our nation’s capital, killer book work for class, and a move. Yes—we picked up all our belongings and move from one apartment to another. More space—and more closets! We’re still in the process of organzing and unpacking boxes and bags of stuff, but things are finally getting back to normal.

Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve been working on for class. It was a pretty involved and intricate process, and as soon as I get the book back, I’ll be posting the finished product.


The book plates have finally made it to Etsy! You can pick up a set here: Ex Libris Book Plates.

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