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I’ve been seeing DIY mug ideas  on several of the blogs I follow for weeks now and have been waiting for  a chance to get to try my hand at doing a custom illustrated mug. A few weekends ago, a good friend moved into her very first home! I wanted to do a little something as a housewarming gift, and thought—what better for a coffee-loving new homeowner than a new mug to celebrate the event!

I got a DecoArt glass paint marker at my local craft store, and a nice white mug from Target. The paint marker has a nice finish and was very easy to use. You bake the finished design after the paint has dried for 4 hours. DecoArt claims that it is dishwasher safe if baked within the first 4 to 8 hours. Although I did bake within that window, I didn’t test out the mug in my dishwasher. I did put these directions with the mug—”dishwasher safe, but DEFINITELY 100% hand-wash safe!”

Here were a few of the projects that inspired me:

Right to Left:

If you love the look, but crafting isn’t your thing, here are some amazing custom illustrated products from Etsy:


DIY photo source: The Etsy Blog via Christin on Pinterest

Pinterest is definitely a wonderful thing. Consuming? Yes, but also totally helpful in collecting all the DIY stuff I want to try out. I’ve had these cute little Fabric Nesting Dolls from the Etsy Blog pinned on my DIY board for a while now. They are SO CUTE! I wanted to put my own little characters on them.

Sketching out the dolls on front fabric. Used an industrial sharpie—no bleed, VERY permanent.

I made a four sets this week—one for my newborn neice, two for a friend of mine, Dawn, and a fourth for a friend who will get them in the mail soon! Surprise! My neice will have to wait a while to play with her’s (probably until she develops motor skills). Dawn’s set, the two shown, represent her grandkids.

DIY instructions can be found in the Etsy Blog article, Handmade Kids How-To: Fabric Nesting Dolls


Happy February 1st! What a better way to start off the month of Valentines than to share a little design crush! I have totally fallen for The Curiosity Group. Located in Portland, OR, they are first a marketing firm—but their paper constructions are just too fun to words. And I’m loving their blog, which is full of inspiration and fun stuff.

Check out their stop animation movie, “From Flat to Flight.” You gotta love the art on the website too—kinda vintage and hand painted. Love it!

And I’ve totally signed up for the Calendar of the Month Club. Sign up, and each month get a “paper toy calendar for your viewing and scheduling pleasure.” I plan to put my groundhog calendar together today. And next month?!? I cannot wait to see what’s coming next.

First two months' calendars

Photos from The Curiosity Group’s related sites

I feel like I haven’t posted forever! A few highlights from the last few weeks: a trip to visit the lovely land of Lincoln (which was very cold), setting up our Christmas tree (a lovely douglas fir this year!), and getting ready for TWO ART EVENTS THIS WEEKEND!

Come see me at the following events! Several new journals, sketchbooks, cards and lovely new Christmas ornaments will be available for purchase at both events.

Tonight is AAF Greenville’s 6th Annual Art Show & Silent Auction. Admission is free, but a donation of either canned food or $2 at the door in support of Harvest Hope Food Bank is appreciated.  The art show starts at 6 pm. and is at 802 August Street in Greenville.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 3 – 5, I’ll be in downtown Greenville for the Winter Art Market. The artists for Art Crossing at Riverplace (by Reedy River & High Cotton for you locals), are hosting their second annual art market sale & celebration! Enjoy handmade artwork, meet the artists, and cross some Christmas shopping off your list!
Times are as follows: Friday 5 pm – 9 pm :: Saturday 10 am – 5 pm :: Sunday 12 noon – 5 pm

There’s been some “You’ve Got Mail” talk around here this morning. If you haven’t seen this classic film, you’ve absolutely got to watch it.

So here’s my project that needs “tweaking.” I’m working on some Christmas ornaments for upcoming holiday art/craft events. They are felt & fabric ornaments with embroidered embellishments. What do ya think?

Until next time, “Happy Thanksgiving, Back!”

This weekend was the annual Fallapalooza at my sister- & brother-in-law’s house. It was a great time of eating, hanging out with friends, carving pumpkins and chowing down on s’mores. It even cooled off a little to feel like fall! I can’t believe that we’re still getting into the 80’s in October in our part of the country.

Stephen brainstormed an idea for some hoodies for us to wear to the party. Earlier this week we traveled to the hobby store, picked up some felt and buttons. Then on Saturday afternoon I got to work making Sock Monkey Hoodies. It’s super simple—and it would be fun for Halloween parties as well.

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I labored hard last week to finish up the patchwork top to the quilt—I was so excited about seeing the finished product! Now it’s finished and this coming week I’ll be able to begin work on putting the batting, back fabric and edging on the quilt—yay!

Also, last week I received a lovely e-mail from Anthropologie with their new mix & match website feature for bedding. Choose from pillows, sheets, quilts and duvets to get your perfect look. Here are two of my favorite combinations—you’ve just gotta love their quilts and duvets!

The quilt had been on multiple bouts of “on hold” statuses since mid-July, but I’m back in business! I’m pretty sure it’s week 8 but if you want to get technical, it’s probably like week 28 or something! Sunday evening I whipped out the sewing machine, picked up where I left off, and finished stitching the patchwork squares into strips. Only a few minor mishaps with the machine, but I finally was able to finish up the last 10 or so strips and start stitching those strips together.

After a lot of seam ironing on Monday, I was able to almost finish pinning then piecing together the patchwork top. Not all my patchwork corners match up perfectly, but in my opinion it’s a good first attempt.

A few tips on creating patchwork:

  • After laying out the pattern of squares, apply a small piece of masking tape with a number written on it to the beginning of each row. You can make stacks of the squares with the number on top so you remember which row is which. This was my sister-in-law’s idea, and it was genius!
  • When pressing the seams in one direction, keep in mind how the seams will go through the machine when sewing the rows together. Use the tape numbers as a guide—either press away or toward the tape for each row (depending on which way the row goes through the machine).
  • Make sure the bobbin is full. It’s killer to find out you only thought “stitched” an entire row but the bobbin thread ran out two squares in.
  • The more rows that are joined together, the more weight is going to be pulling while you stitch. Working at a larger table so you can keep the patchwork up and level with the machine is helpful.

Happy quilting!

It’s raining and chilly today, and it’s the first day that I can whip out my boots without feeling like I’ll whither in the blistering sun. It’s been so hot that it really has not felt like fall yet—so today I’m living it up if this is the only chance I get! Here are a few goodies I’ve been eyeing on Etsy lately that would perfectly complement any fall activity or outfit!

  1. Orange Leaf Necklace by Print Party, $55
  2. Gillian Hat by Piper and Paisley, $45
  3. Multi Ring Pendant by 2212 Jewelry, $55
  4. Mustard Pocket Sketchbook by Awaken Journaling, $25
  5. Bird Booklet with Band by Orange Beautiful, $8
  6. Market Tote by LightNest, $40
  7. Upcycled Textile Earrings by Sol del Sur, $18

Also starting today off with a homemade mocha—yum! Thanks to the husband for makin’ the coffee!

p.s. Check back tomorrow for a quilting update—yep, I’m back at it again!

All right! It’s good to be back from blogging after a little break. Thanks to Jeanne for her excellent guest post! It was much enjoyed. And thanks to the Husband for galavanting around Charleston with me this past weekend. So nice to get a relaxing weekend away!

Last night I picked up a much neglected project—pillow covers! We had purchased some pillow inserts and fabric from Ikea to create some throw pillows for our couch, and for the last month, they had just been sitting next to the couch, waiting. Well, the wait’s over! Our couch now has two fluffy, covered pillows. And I’ll tell you how 🙂

All finished! For pattern and directions, read on!

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