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Italy - Dorata

On the subject of well-intentioned posts from YEARS ago. In July of 2010 – yes, three years ago – I intended to post about a few places we visited on a trip out to Illinois. I figured I should clear the post out of the drafts and release it to the world. Only two places had been written about. One was a gift shop that is now closed. Sorry Anecdotes. I’m sure my blog post would not have saved you.

The other place is Baja Burrito in Nashville, TN. We swung through Nashville to see a concert on our drive home from the Great Plains. It’s still worth telling you to go there. Eat a burrito for me. Enjoy it. Savor the flavor. Then go see a concert. It makes for a memorable day if you ask me!

You may ask, “Why the photo of the luxurious Italian villa?” This photo isn’t of a place that I’ll go. Probably ever. It’s just on my Pinterest board of “possible” (translation, “impossible”) vacation spots, which I thought tied in with the travel theme. For a cool $3.5K a night, you could stay there. However, you may want to stick with Nashville burritos instead 🙂

Photo via Pinterest, via

Don’t forget to visit the Granite Room in Atlanta this weekend to see the almost 10,000 sketchbooks entered into The Sketchbook Project! April 8-9 the sketchbooks will be out for view, and you won’t want to miss some totally amazing art by several local, national, and international artists!

Here’s a few pages from my sketchbook—just ask for the sketchbook of Christin O’Bryan when you get there!

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I finished up a guest book for my friend and lovely co-worker, Cara. Her grad thesis exhibition kicks off tonight at Dapper Ink Custom Outfitters. You can find more information about Cara’s exhibition opening and show here or check out her portfolio.

Here are a few pics of the guest book

3-dimensional, collaged letter and hand-drawn scroll design

Cover to Cover

Scroll detail on back & spring green end papers.

The end - at the beginning

I feel like I haven’t posted forever! A few highlights from the last few weeks: a trip to visit the lovely land of Lincoln (which was very cold), setting up our Christmas tree (a lovely douglas fir this year!), and getting ready for TWO ART EVENTS THIS WEEKEND!

Come see me at the following events! Several new journals, sketchbooks, cards and lovely new Christmas ornaments will be available for purchase at both events.

Tonight is AAF Greenville’s 6th Annual Art Show & Silent Auction. Admission is free, but a donation of either canned food or $2 at the door in support of Harvest Hope Food Bank is appreciated.  The art show starts at 6 pm. and is at 802 August Street in Greenville.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 3 – 5, I’ll be in downtown Greenville for the Winter Art Market. The artists for Art Crossing at Riverplace (by Reedy River & High Cotton for you locals), are hosting their second annual art market sale & celebration! Enjoy handmade artwork, meet the artists, and cross some Christmas shopping off your list!
Times are as follows: Friday 5 pm – 9 pm :: Saturday 10 am – 5 pm :: Sunday 12 noon – 5 pm

You can now find my journals and guest books at Liz Daly Designs, 421 South Main Street. Just look for my name, Christin O’Bryan!

I was honored this week to have five journals and pins featured on four Etsy Treasuries this week. Thanks to Merriweathercouncil and Mmclan for featuring my products with such lovely treasures!

Fall Leaves and Sweet Things


Treasury by MMClan


is it thanksgiving yet?


Treasury by Merriweathercouncil


82 shopping days til christmas!


Treasury by Merriweathercouncil


81 days til christmas!


Treasury by Merriweathercouncil



Autumn Spice



Autumn Cranberry



Autumn Gold



Forest Cream



Black Paisley


Thanks to the amazing and wonderful Jeanne for providing us with a lovely guest post on Indie Craft Parade – make sure you stop by her blog, Drive-Thru Monologue.

The Indie Craft Parade was an ice cream sundae—all sorts of your favorite delicious treats poured or sprinkled or squirted on MORE of your favorite delicious treats. It really was the nicest evening of friends, family, food and love all in the name of handmade expression, colors, textures and mediums.

Before I delve into my experience, let me give you some background. I’m not an art show junkie, crafter, musician or designer. I’m fairly mainstream (as much as I’d like to think I’m not). I rarely create with anything other than words or pasta and tomato sauce. At times I have tried to discuss art, but my ears almost melted off my head in embarrassment for how dumb I sounded. Basically, I’m a consumer. All that to say, the event was NOT exclusive. It really was for everyone—connoisseurs and consumers alike. I believe the ICP accomplished its mission of presenting crafts to and interacting with the local community (community being a general term to emphasize the universal appeal of the ICP to all types of people, young and old).

Now onto the good stuff (picture my arms flailing and my mouth and eyes getting really excitable—this is how I’d look if I was verbally relating my story).

(Read more of the 411 and view pictures of ICP goodness after the jump!)

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The first annual Indie Craft Parade this past weekend was definitely the event of the year for fine craft in Greenville. It was unbelievable that about 4000 people showed up, waited in line (sometimes in the rain!) to come and parade around the booths of so many talented artisans from the South East area. Thank you to Erin and Elizabeth for crafting such a spectacular event, and to everyone who came out and supported us!

Check back Wednesday for a guest post by my good friend Jeanne—she will be giving an attendee’s perspective on the Craft Parade! In the meantime, check out Jeanne’s blog, Drive-Thru Monologue.

I’ll leave you today with pics of the goodness I brought home from Indie Craft Parade—a beautiful brooch made by Heather. You can read her blog to follow her artistic endeavors in the fiber arts, here. This little art work reminds me of a cameo frame, and I haven’t be able to stop wearing it since I bought it on Friday!

This is mostly the after . . . after I have had my first class! It’s definitely something I am so excited about which is why this is my second post (in a row) on the topic. Seventeen weeks, four hours a week, eight books, six new-to-me techniques, eleven classmates, one teacher. All of that equals awesomeness. Hopefully I will be posting process photos as the books progress. One of the things I am most excited about is branching out from blank journals into creating the entire book—content and all. I can’t wait to see how the class unfolds!

Next post will be number 100—can’t believe it! Any suggestions on how to celebrate? Leave me a comment!

With Back-To-School season already here for most everyone, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about books and pencils and rubber band balls (see my earlier post on window designs) and trapper keepers (are those even hip any more?). This time of year also call to memory the one place I’ve visited that has more books than my hometown local library and fascinates me  more than almost any other bookstore I’ve been to is Capitol Hill Books in Washington, DC. If you’re in that area, you have to check it out and discover the treasure that is this little gem of a shop. You may even be able to find a book if you’re willing to go on a scavenger hunt for a couple hours through the three floors of rooms of stacks of towers of books upon books upon books. I snapped a few quick pics on a trip a while back—can’t wait to visit again someday!

Stacks in every, I mean EVERY, corner

I'm not joking when I say it's floor to ceiling

I also caught a fall breeze today – I cannot wait until fall is in full swing!