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The tree outside my office window has produced about seven red leaves, and I am getting so anxious for fall—cooler weather, warm and savory foods, the company of good friends, and amazing apple concoctions of all kinds!

In preparation for all of the above, I’m reposting a delicious recipe that has become one of my all time favorite fall treats. You can read my original post about the delectable Cinnamon-Apple Crostata (with my tips for making this even EASIER to make) or you can skip on over to for the recipe.

Happy Fall Anticipation Day!



My friend Jeanne sent me a link to a lovely look at Vera Wang wedding dresses. I loved the dress she pointed out and could just envision all the lovely accents that would go with it. I’m totally digging boots with wedding dresses. For a great inspiration post featuring the trend, visit Inspired by This.


This weekend was the annual Fallapalooza at my sister- & brother-in-law’s house. It was a great time of eating, hanging out with friends, carving pumpkins and chowing down on s’mores. It even cooled off a little to feel like fall! I can’t believe that we’re still getting into the 80’s in October in our part of the country.

Stephen brainstormed an idea for some hoodies for us to wear to the party. Earlier this week we traveled to the hobby store, picked up some felt and buttons. Then on Saturday afternoon I got to work making Sock Monkey Hoodies. It’s super simple—and it would be fun for Halloween parties as well.

Keep reading after the jump for more photos and instructions on how to craft your own hoodies! Read the rest of this entry »

Stephen and I spent the weekend camping with friends (who also happen to be my co-workers). It was a beautiful weekend, and I finally got to see a little fall color here in the South.If you haven’t been camping—and it’s not too cold where you are yet—you still have a few weeks to get out to the woods, set up a tent, start the campfire, and get those s’mores going! It really is a great experience and so relaxing.

Today’s little jewels of inspiration are campfire inspired—I wish we had camped out all week!


Letterpressed Campfires from Studio on Fire for Swink, Inc. Aren't they awesome!


Amazing Chipotle-Cinnamon Apple-Compote Quesadillas by my boss, David. Check out his blog for the recipe.


Sea to Summit X-Bowl/X-Mug Set at REI



Coleman Sundome Tent, sleeps up to 3


Letterpress on Fire @ Studio on Fire, Camp Bowls @ REI, Tent @ Dick’s Sporting Goods

Perhaps I should re-title this post “Monday Temptation” because I know just looking at these images is tempting me to eat an entire apple pie! What you see here is a Cinnamon-Apple Crostata. My mother-in-law sent me the recipe from The husband and I have half a bushel of apples from going apple picking this past weekend, and she knew that I would need something to make with all those apples! This was just the ticket—and with 5 ingredients and a pre-made pie crust, you too can have this delicious crostata in under an hour.

Tips on putting together this lovely pastry of goodness:

  • Lightly pinching the pie crust at the “folds” will help it stay put. If the apples look like they are just HEAPING out, don’t worry, they’ll sink down.
  • If you like nuts, like I do, you may want to add another 1/2 tbsp. to the top.
  • When lifting the crostata to put on a cake stand or plate, first gently loosen the bottom of the crostata with a spatula. Then use two WIDE spatulas (I used a fish spatula which is super wide) to carefully lift the crostata to your nearby plate.
  • One crostata will feed about 6-8 girls or 4 guys. If you’re having a large party—make two! And serve warm with vanilla ice cream.

ok—I am totally craving this now, so I have to end. Enjoy this lovely fall day!

It’s raining and chilly today, and it’s the first day that I can whip out my boots without feeling like I’ll whither in the blistering sun. It’s been so hot that it really has not felt like fall yet—so today I’m living it up if this is the only chance I get! Here are a few goodies I’ve been eyeing on Etsy lately that would perfectly complement any fall activity or outfit!

  1. Orange Leaf Necklace by Print Party, $55
  2. Gillian Hat by Piper and Paisley, $45
  3. Multi Ring Pendant by 2212 Jewelry, $55
  4. Mustard Pocket Sketchbook by Awaken Journaling, $25
  5. Bird Booklet with Band by Orange Beautiful, $8
  6. Market Tote by LightNest, $40
  7. Upcycled Textile Earrings by Sol del Sur, $18

Also starting today off with a homemade mocha—yum! Thanks to the husband for makin’ the coffee!

p.s. Check back tomorrow for a quilting update—yep, I’m back at it again!

With Back-To-School season already here for most everyone, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about books and pencils and rubber band balls (see my earlier post on window designs) and trapper keepers (are those even hip any more?). This time of year also call to memory the one place I’ve visited that has more books than my hometown local library and fascinates me  more than almost any other bookstore I’ve been to is Capitol Hill Books in Washington, DC. If you’re in that area, you have to check it out and discover the treasure that is this little gem of a shop. You may even be able to find a book if you’re willing to go on a scavenger hunt for a couple hours through the three floors of rooms of stacks of towers of books upon books upon books. I snapped a few quick pics on a trip a while back—can’t wait to visit again someday!

Stacks in every, I mean EVERY, corner

I'm not joking when I say it's floor to ceiling

I also caught a fall breeze today – I cannot wait until fall is in full swing!

A few things that caught my eye this morning:

1. Cable & Cotton light strands
2. Little Houses Rosemont Sweater (pricey, but on sale now)
3. Our Shop Metal Bird Bookmark in Lime

Enjoy your Monday!

I have fallen in love with Google Reader. I love that all my favorite blogs are in one place, and I eagerly await new posts! In honor of this new-found passion for pieced together posts, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite blogs (in no particular order) that have been added to my feed:

  1. Design Work Life – Cataloging Inspiration Daily
  2. Ruffled – DIY Projects, Inspiration and Real Wedding photo
  3. The Crafts Dept. – the blog of the Martha Stewart Craft Team
  4. 17 Dove Street – Erin shares inspiration, recipes, and DIY projects from her lovely life
  5. Patricia MuMau – lovely calligraphy designs
  6. The Scoop – blog of my favorite (but yet unvisited) stationery shop in Chicago

Last week, Anthropologie sent me a very depressing e-mail. Depressing in the sense that to buy a single, complete outfit it could cost as much or more than $575. Maybe that’s not a lot for some, but when it’s more than a month’s rent for others—that’s a chunk of change. I was sure I could possibly get a very similar outfit for less by choosing pieces from other stores. I could!

Check out these finds—although I think the Anthropologie’s jacket is actually worth the moola.

The Erelong Paisley Outfit by Anthropologie—gorgeous!

Clockwise from top left: MyLolaFashion Summer Cardigan $59 ; MissLadySmith Tumbling Leaves Necklace $39 ; Gap Curvy Jean $69.50 ; Target Mary Jane Pumps $19.99; Express Ruffled Lace Tank $39.90

Second choice picks:

Mossimo Jean $24.99  ; Ann Taylor Loft tank $19.99; Steve Madden UMAA $39.95; SmileSophie Leaf Necklace $17.50